New Chapter of My Life, May 2011

Last year, earlier 2010, I had been made huge decision, and now I need to make another huge decision for my life.

On February 2011, I had an opportunity to continue my journey in Ericsson AB Sweden, it’s a mixed feeling when I got those offer. Happy, surprise, confuse were mixed into one, and I doesn’t know how to describe it.

It’s such a dream come true for me, as working in 3rdline/ProductUnit/PDU/PLM/R&D is my greatest ambition when I decide join Ericsson. Now I’ve got those chance….It’s such a big challenge for me since in one side of my heart thinking that I might be not too capable for work as product line hence I need to gain more experienced before I’m joining there while in the other side I just have feeling that I should take this challenge now regardless about my capabilities, just go there, learn new thing and do your best.

This feeling is like De Java Vu for me, I’ve been had this feeling before when I accepted as student in ITB, this kind of feeling is moreless same between that two.

After discussion with my Family, I decided that I took that chances, okay I might be not as good as Finn Magnusson, or Mathias Aldrin or David Smith but this is me, Indra Gunawan who have it’s own fate, and I took this challenge to see whether I can be as good as them or I will be failed to working there, but as Michal Jordan said :

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”

Yes, I just tried, learn, work smart (I’m prefer to work smart instead of work hard) and do my best, the result will follow it.

In term of my social life, I will be moving from the hottest place in the world, I got 55 Degree Celcius last year in Kuwait, and I will go to Sweden, one of the coldest place in the world, it will be – 20 Degree Celcius next winter, honestly I didn’t know how to coupe that, in chilly winter like Kuwait (it’s only 3 Degree celcius) and I already got my stomach colic due to this cold.

Again, I just said Bismillah and I believe that my body will adapt with that weather somehow.

I need to learn Swedish also as native language, even though all people there able to speak English but in some case, I need to speak Swedish, hence I need to learn the Swedish language.

This would even more needed if I would like to be “Cecep Thornberg” or Cecep Jernberg or Cecep Ibrahimovich maybe hehehe

As decision had been made, and now the ship is sail to continue it’s journey, honestly I even doesn’t know where this ship will have their final port but such is life, people come and go and life goes on. But to begin with I will just said :


May Allah Bless with us


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